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Roger Kiefer

Published on 11/7/2011
Unfortunate news Regarding: ROGER KIEFER: Shannon Carrillo, his granddaughter headed up to Ventura on Thursday night after her husband got off work & planned to seeher grandpa the following morning. When she got there she was informed that at 6am on Friday morning he suffered a massive stroke. He was able to communicate with her through hand squeezing for yes or no questions. He knew who she was :) He has since declined pretty bad. The nurse said that the cat scan showed that over 50% of brain had died & his survival chance is very low. His children got together and decided that it is best to not operate, so he is passing away slowly. The doctors have him on oxygen and an IV of fluids. He isn't getting any more nutrients, just fluid. He has slipped into a coma and the nurses said he could survive for days, or weeks like this, that it is really a case by case scenario. So at this point our prayers should be focused more on 'please keep grandpa pain free as he passes & hold him close & comfort those of his family left behind who love him so much'. Shannon will keep us updated when she hears that he has passed on.

Thank you to all of you who have been friends with her grandpa for so long. He cared for you all so much & had a ton of fun with you! He really did have a life filled with laughter and adrenaline! Roger was such a stud going out there in his 70's riding his motorcycle, dirtbike, bicycle, going on his boat, riding horse, going to the movies and all the other active things he did to stay busy. He is already missed!  He was an amazing grandpa & we are lucky to have had him in our life :)